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What Does Forever Tai Chi! Mean?


If you are a Tai Chi practioner you are already aware that practicing Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong is a lifetime commitment. As a beginner you learn the basics—from understanding and applying the Ten Essential Points of Tai Chi,  basic postures and forms, to learning to control your breathing. As you move to more advanced levels the forms evolve as well as understanding the deeper meaning behind each posture and applying the martial application. Your journey continues once you’ve reached black sash level – personal discoveries and sharing with others is essential at this stage.


Our classes focus primarily on Yang style Tai Chi which includes competition forms and weapons. Qigong breath work is also incorporated in each class to promote maximum chi flow throughout the body. Classes are taught in the traditional way focusing on philosophy, spirituality and self-defense techniques.


With continued practice and training, students will not only learn traditional forms but will learn to cultivate personal discipline and self-awareness for relieving external pressures of daily life that can affect one’s health. Classes are geared for all abilities and ages including accommodating seniors and the physically challenged.

Yang Style and Competition Forms

  • Yang Style 13 Classical Postures*
  • Yang Style 12 Postures*
  • Yang Style 24 Competition Form
  • 48 Competition Form (Advanced)
  • 42 Competition Form (Advanced)


  • Yang Style 13 Sword Form
  • 32 Yang Style Competition Form
  • Yang Style 13 Postures Fan Form

Two Person Fighting Forms

  • Yang Style Da Lu
  • Yang Style Push Hands


  • Eight Pieces of Brocade (Ba Duan Jin)
  • Shibashi Qigong 18
  • Seasonal Qigong Exercises
  • Additional Qigong exercises

Kid's Tai Chi

  • Tai Chi animal postures
  • Tai Chi ball Qigong
  • Select Qigong exercises

Note: Curriculum is subject to change at any time

Forever Tai Chi class
Forever Tai Chi class
Yang style 13 classical postures

"In performing the forms, you should be like the eagle which glides serenely on the wind, but which can swoop instantly to pluck a rabbit from the ground. " Master Wu Yu-Hsiang--Tai Chi Classics