Fall Equinox and Qigong

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Fall Equinox and Qigong

Fall equinox, which arrived on September 23rd, means the seasons are opposite each other at the Equator. People living in the Northern Hemisphere call it the autumnal or fall equinox and people living in the Southern Hemisphere call it the  spring equinox – their first day of spring.

Qigong and Tai Chi welcome the fall equinox with exercises that are influenced by the metal element, influencing the lungs and large intestine. Both organs focus on gathering what is needed and removing of what is not needed in the body. After the summer fire element of growing and lengthening and the late summer – early autumn of the earth element integrating and drawing in the energy needed, the autumn is a time of reflection and preparation. Just like the trees in autumn lose their leaves and some animals prepare for the winter hibernation, so do our bodies harvest and store what is necessary for the winter.

Open the lung channel with deep breathing exercises such as Drawing the Bow in 8 Sections of Brocade. Small to large rotations to the lower dan tien will massage and stimulate the large intestine. Both routines will help relieve mental, physical, and spiritual tension.

Here is one set of fall qigong exercises to follow.

Recommended warming foods: fruits and vegetables such as pears, blackberries, apples, squash, parsnips, plums and leeks. Green tea should be replaced with oolong and jasmine teas. Jasmine tea is an excellent source for boosting the immune system.


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