Forever Tai Chi-World Tai Chi Day



Saturday April 27, 2024

11:15 am-1 pm

Long Beach Library, Long Beach NY



To All Tai Chi Students:

 Wednesday Tai Chi classes are held outdoors at the Milburn Creek Boat Launch park  or indoors at Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Baldwin; Thursday Qigong-Tai Chi class is online. Saturday classes are either outdoors in nice weather or indoors. 

All safety protocols are observed for indoor classes -- masks are optional to the individual. Contact us at 516-855-8251 if you are interested in participating in a class online or outdoors.

Thank you-Shifu Pam

Welcome to Forever Tai Chi!

Welcome to Forever Tai Chi! website! If you were surfing the web for Tai Chi and Qi Gong classes you can stop right here! Our classes are designed for all skill levels from beginner to those who have been studying for many years. We also offer Adaptive Tai Chi classes for those who are physically challenged. All classes are taught the traditional way with philosophy, spirituality, and modern day applications along with traditional forms. You learn the tools to help you manage the stress of today’s busy lifestyle.

We welcome your participation – check out the class schedule and join us today!


Tai Chi Chuan(Internal Kung Fu) often referred to as "Tai Chi", is an ancient Chinese form of exercise practiced all over the world. The literal translation means the "Supreme Ultimate Method" or "Supreme Ultimate Fist". From combining meditation, Taoist Yoga and Kung Fu, Tai Chi Chuan is also considered a healing art, meditative art, as well as a martial art. Many practitioners today take Tai Chi because it is a gentle form of exercise. It is that and much more! The flowing movements coupled with deep breathing have been known to improve balance, increase flexibility and coordination, and strengthen core muscle groups. At Forever Tai Chi! we balance teaching Tai Chi and Qi Gong  and incorporate all three disciplines in our classes.

Qigong, (or Chi Kung) is similar to Tai Chi Chuan. It uses the same principles as Tai Chi Chuan, coordinating deep breathing and repetitive, gentle movements which help massage the body's energy points (Chi) to freely flow throughout the body. Chinese people have been practicing Qigong for thousands of years to improve and maintain their health. Practicing Qigong on a daily basis has been known to help relax your mind and body, lower blood pressure, and improve breathing. When consistently performed, Qigong can have a healing effect on the functions of internal organs and the  circulation, digestion and nervous systems.



Benefits of Practicing Tai Chi & Qigong

  • Relaxation of the mind and body
  • Improve upper and lower body strength and flexibility
  • Stress reduction
  • Develop core muscle strength and stamina
  • Improves balance and helps reduce falls
  • Has been known to improve the immune system and overall health
  • Help reduce depression and anxiety

"Tai Chi is an exercise that aims to strengthen, stretch, balance, and coordinate and integrate the left and right halves of the body, the upper and lower halves of the body, and the extremities of the body with the inside or core." --The Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi